Reproductive Rights

Protect Our Medical Clinic and Those Seeking Abortion Healthcare
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Multiple voters in my Ward 3 have reached out to me asking what can be done to protect women and those who can become pregnant as they seek medical care -- including abortion -- at the medical clinic in Robbinsdale, which is named Robbinsdale Clinic. I have advocated that people donate to Pro-Choice Minnesota instead of to candidates or political parties during the primary. I donated to Pro-Choice Minnesota, and I urge you to do as well.

Organizations that support Reproductive Rights also need volunteers. I have offered to escort those going to our Robbinsdale Clinic for medical care. I expect we'll see far more people needing access to abortion from out of state. They deserve empathy, safety and privacy.

On Monday, June 27, the League of Women Voters Minnesota hosted a Ward 3 Forum. Ward 3 has three candidates who support the right to choose. I'm one of them.

David Ulbrich gave a non-answer, but did say that he stands by everything he's ever said. Tweets have surfaced that show his support for Donald Trump, anti-choice politicians, and his disgust when New York state was codifying reproductive rights into state law.

David Ulbrich tweet saying WTF! That is absolutely sickening! in response to an article about New York state working to codify reproductive rights into state law.

In David Robins' answer (~32:00), he stated, "... with regard to abortion, um, I am uh, I am pleased to say -- proud to say, uh -- we are surrounded, um, by states that don't see things our way." He then mentioned we have abortion in Minnesota and he doesn't see that changing.

People on a train

Almost a week later, self-described "extremely moderate" Mr. Robins attempted to clarify his position by saying that he misspoke, but he still did not say that he supports people choosing abortion. He also said that he doesn't think less of people who disagree on civil rights.

In contrast to Mr. Robins' stated position, I am neither pleased nor proud of states banning reproductive rights. Reproductive rights are human rights! Civil rights should not be left up to the states, the extremists on the Supreme Court, or the whims of the mob. When someone wants to keep people from ending unwanted pregnancies, wants to keep marginalized communities from voting, or keep LGBTQ people from having marriage equality, I absolutely do think less of them.

Early voting is underway and it is crucial that we elect pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot. I am unapolagetically pro-choice, and I hope to earn your vote!

Reproductive rights are human rights!

My 6 Point Plan: 

1 ) Add a Robbinsdale city website page with each care facility in the city and the actual services they offer (North Memorial might be exempted or need their own subpage). Since the crisis pregnancy center website is intentionally misleading, I want to reduce how many people are tricked into going to the wrong location that is across the street and much easier to find.

2 ) Add a sign near the clinic that notifies people that we have a city provision against lurking (2005.11) and that it will be enforced. Make sure the police enforce it near the clinic.

3 ) Amending the noise regulation (2005.15) to add a provision that loud noises with the intent to harass people are against the law.

4 ) Allow a variance for the Robbinsdale Clinic to have a taller fence between the clinic and the property next to them, since that property has a raised platform from which anti-choice extremists harass those going to Robbinsdale Clinic for medical care.

5 ) Increase police presence near the clinic. I have canvassed every residence in Ward 3, including over 700 apartment units along West Broadway. Near Robbinsdale Clinic, the biggest issue renters brought up was safety. We need a more visible police presence on West Broadway, both to make the area safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers with traffic enforcement, but also to protect people from assault (violence or the threat of violence). Increased police enforcement should reduce harassment. This would not mean a police presence *at* the clinic but near the clinic.

6 ) Amend the City Charter to allow those with felony convictions to serve as elected officials. Various politically-motivated conservative states have worked to make it a felony to protest against unjustice and systemic racism, to help someone get the medical care (including abortion) that they need, or take other non-violent victimless actions. Those laws are intended to scare people into silence and to oppress women and those who can become pregnant and marginalized communities. Due to that context, we should change the City Charter to empower voters to decide whether or not to elect someone with a felony conviction after they have served their sentence and made restitution. People can -- and do -- turn their lives around, and I think it should be up to voters to decide.

What do you think? How do you think we should protect reproductive rights at our city level?

How do you think we should protect reproductive rights at our city level?